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Volume Of Water To Heat
Volume Of Water To Heat
Temperature to Heat By
Temperature to Heat By
Energy Cost (£ per KW Hour)

Power Rating of Heating Element

Efficiency of process (as a percentage)
Efficiency of process (as a percentage)
Average Cycles Per Day

Efficient Cost to Heat Water (in £):
cost Saving(in p):
Cost Saving Per Year(in £):
Time to Heat Water (in minutes):
time saving (in seconds):
Energy Required to Heat Water (in kWh):
energy saving (in watts):
Energy Saving Per Year(in watts):
Energy Wasted Due to Inefficiency (in watts):
this is equivalent to heating about:
Cost of Wasted Energy (in °):

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Please enter values for your current water heating situation and what they would be after making changes This will perform calculations to find out some information on the costs of heating water, as well as how much can be saved by making it more efficient
Please make sure to only enter numbers into the input boxes, and to use the unit type listed. Results may not be 100% accurate.

the section of the table where inputs are taken

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this part of the script converts input into readable values

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Hello, my name is James Harvey.
As the result of a university scheme, i took an eight week internship (from july 5 to august 27) with partners with industry, and created this page as work for that.

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project context

This page was created as an internship project with the aim to create an online energy calculator for business use. The results of this can be seen here.