We are an Industry 4.0 Technology Based Organisation with the objective to make the use of modern developments in Technology and Automation, accessible and cost effective to all organisations small and large, with the objective to them becoming More Efficient, Reducing Costs and Lessening their Environmental Impact.

We do this through helping companies Diagnose Problems, increasing knowledge through Training and developing products which use Smart Sensor Driven Cloud Based Data, to make processes more understandable and identify areas to implement change.

We are committed to developing Long Term Solutions to your manufacturing and process problems, therefore as part of this commitment we aim to:
  • To help companies maintain and utilise their Automated or Traditional Machinery/Processes in the most Efficient, Productive and Cost Effective manner possible which will in turn contribute to reducing their Environmental Impact
  • Our Solutions will be Open and Transparent in terms of coding so you can make your own developments if your future requirements change
  • Any Service or Product provided will always be backed up with Training for your Staff and Engineers
  • Training is undertaken by Experienced Engineers who can apply their Real World Knowledge to help you with your Real World Problems. Training is also backed up with Work Based Follow-Up Practical Support
  • We don`t walk away believing that support for any Product or Service should be ongoing for its Full Life Cycle
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Sometimes Savings and Efficiency Increases are not always obvious but using Cycle/Process Data can provide the detail and evidence to initiate change. Use data to Identify Problems and Issues with the Performance of your machines or processes, see our Online Demo for an example of how this can be document
Use Machine Generated Data as part of your LEAN and Continuous Improvement activities
  • Access Performance Data via the Internet from anywhere without Specialist Software
  • View data in Real World Terms i.e. Energy used per cycle, Cost and Cycle Times
  • Use Data to Identify Wastage, Poor Performance or Inefficiencies to help implement Corrective Action
  • Be Notified when there are Performance Issues
  • Develop Baseline Data which subsequent processes or machine cycles can be measured against to Identify Changes which could have an environmental impact and reduce efficiency
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Programmable Logical Controllers (PLC`s) are the computers which Control a significant number of machines and processes. They are used for a Multitude of Applications in a large number of environments from manufacturing, distribution to process industries.

They have a Significant Influence on the performance of a machine yet they are often overlooked, appear to be too difficult to modify or in many situations you don`t know they are there controlling a machine. Working with the major makes of PLC our Services include:
Use PLC Fault Finding to Quickly Indentify and Correct problems with Machines/Process
  • Fault Finding existing PLC programmes to establish problems with Machines or Control Systems
  • Machine Performance Improvements through more effective Controls Programming
  • Modification and Upgrading of Existing Programs & Applications
  • Program Development from Simple Programs to Advanced Analogue Machine and Process Control
  • Integration into existing machines and applications
  • Inverter Drive Setup & Programming including associated PLC Control
  • Integrating Data Capture and Webservers to view Performance Data
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Try our Online Demo demonstrating how equipment performance can be viewed, modified and stored
  • The Example demonstrates a PLC Control System connected and controlled via a Website, the data is Stored in a SQL Database
  • The Demo consists of a PDF Document with Basic Introduction to Automation, an overview how the technology works and a link to connect an actual PLC Control System
  • Click Here To veiw our Light Hearted example using some Serious Technology
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Improve the knowledge of your team to Take More Control over your Production and Process or Increase Capabilities through Training. Reduce Machine Down Time with Fault Finding TrainingSlide
  • Introduction to Automation introduces how Automation Works and how it has a significant influence on the Production or Process Environment
  • PLC Fault Finding to find problems with machines, learn to understand existing machine programs and how a machine operates, ultimately reducing downtime when things go wrong
  • PLC Programming for Beginners and Advanced levels, to learn how to make program modifications or create programs from scratch
  • Learning about Inverter Drives & Motor Controls and how they integrate with the machines controls
  • Operator First Line Fault Finding to quickly diagnose and rectify simple problems with machines, courses are bespoke designed specifically for your machines or requirements
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At the heart of Partners with Industry is a Social Enterprise with our Profits being Re-invested with the objective to realise and develop the Talents of Exceptional Individuals in our communities
  • Provide Individuals with Technical & Skills Training and Support to prepare for Employment so that your organisation can benefit from these exceptional talents
  • Support and Continue Training whilst in Employment so that individuals can Thrive in your Organisation
  • Encourage and facilitate Work Experience and Internships helping get people into work
  • Lead by example Employing some of the most talented people in our communities so that your organisation can benefit from our Commercial Products and Services
  • Showcase and Promote the work of Talented Individuals including providing examples of their work on this Website
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Machine Generated Performance data and Online Data Access, combined with PLC controls (the devices that run your machine) and other advances in technology can contribute to helping you towards your Net-Zero Goals and Increase Sustainability
  • The Simplest Changes can sometimes have the Biggest Effects and simple code modifications to a control program can make Machines or Processes more Efficient or Reduce Waste
  • Normally the Net Result of Increasing Efficiency or Reducing Waste as well as reducing costs will have a Positive Impact on the Environment
  • Using Data to Implement Efficiency and Energy Reduction programs can help to determine the Effectiveness of Change
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Find out about our latest exciting orginations developments 04/05/21 - Net Zero Pledge Submission
Partners with Industry make the West Midlands Combined Authority Net Zero Pledge Submission
24/05/21 - New Website Demo
Our new website demonstrating how a Real Time Process and its Data can be viewed Online is now available
Click Here to View
27/05/21 - Ambitious About Autism
Partners with Industry is looking forward to working with and supporting Ambitious About Autism and there excellent Employ Autism programme

03/06/21 - The Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands
Partners with Industry founder Richard is pround to become a New Voice of Innovation for The Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands and is part of their Innovation Tracker

Click here to find more and Richard`s Motivations for setting up Partners with Industry
The use of Industrial Robotics is becoming more popular in the Modern Industrial Environment, however there effective use can Determine the Success of a Process. Sometimes the smallest program modifications can have the greatest impact
  • Process Performance Improvements through more Effective & Efficient use of Robots
  • Modification and Upgrading of Existing Programs & Applications
  • Tooling Development & Programming
  • Associated PLC Controls Programming and Integration

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A Practical Service to Develop Machines or Process to get them running more Effectively, Increase Performance or Increase Capabilities
Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits are a government incentive designed to reward UK companies for investing in innovation and Development Projects using our Products & Services might attract this Credits
  • Problem Orientated Machine Development to solve a specific problem or increase capabilities
  • PLC Program Modifications and Upgrades
  • Robot Program Modifications & Re-Teaching
  • Inverter Drive Setup & Programming
  • New PLC Program Development from Scratch
  • General Electrical & Mechanical Modifications and Development
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